Your hypnobirthing teacher

Me with my newborn son before becoming a hypnobirthing teacher

Hi, I’m Hannah

This is my fresh face a couple of days after the birth of my son. Tired but very proud of myself. And it was to be the start of my journey in becoming a hypnobirthing teacher.


My birth power story

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It’s fair to say I’m completely obsessed by what happens in pregnancy and labour. It is a truly incredible event. Every birth is different. But I want to give as many people as possible the tools to make their experience positive. There are many ways to have a baby, here’s my birth power story:

Practice, practice, practice

I began hypnobirthing around 28 weeks and my practice began from there. I listened to the relaxations every night and read every positive birth book going. Spoiler alert; I’m a massive geek. Nearer to my due date, I read my positive affirmations and got my partner to help with the relaxations.

The waiting

At 41 + 1 weeks, I declined a full sweep but asked if they could check how everything was doing. Thankfully I was 2cms dilated, and 90% effaced already (I’ll explain what all this means in my teaching). But my cervix was tucked strangely. So, the midwife gently pulled it down to ensure my son’s head was more directly bobbing onto it. I hasten to add, this didn’t hurt at all!

On their advice, I then went for a long walk. That evening and night I felt nothing and, to be honest, was moving into a bit of a negative headspace.

Early labour

The morning after my non-sweep sweep, however, I had some cuddles with my partner and lo and behold at 7.30am I felt my first surge! My surges built gradually. I put my Tens machine on at this point and used it as needed. And, thinking I was in for the long haul, I spent a few hours of the day resting on my side watching happy movies (Magic Mike!) and eating lots of treats for energy.

This meant that the surges slowed and didn’t form a pattern. So I called the maternity unit, and on their advice I got up and got moving. And boy did things get moving! Suddenly I was seeing surges every few mins, lasting a minute. I was up-breathing, walking and swaying as best I could. I listened to my favourite relaxation tracks in the glorious Spring sunshine.

By 6.30pm, my app told me it was time to go in. The drive to the hospital was hard but I had my hypnobirthing affirmations on in my headphones and wore an eye mask to keep me in the zone.

Established labour

Once we arrived at hospital, I have to admit I found triage tricky. My surges were flooding in thick and fast so I needed to use all my hypnobirthing tools to keep focused. Once I was examined though, imagine my delight and shock to be told I was 8cms dilated!

I was then quickly taken to a birth centre room. Unfortunately, when I arrived in the room, I could see a birthing pool but it wasn’t filled. At this point I had to keep myself focused not to panic and instead took some gas and air. I coupled this with a tight grip on my partner’s arm with every surge. From then on in my body pretty much took over and, before I knew it, my waters broke and I needed to down-breathe.

After 2hrs 2mins of recorded labour, our little Aidán was born! I passed the placenta naturally, while on the toilet, and had a few minor tears. But, all in all, everything went to plan. We stayed in our birthing room overnight, spent a short amount of time on the postnatal ward before heading home to start our family.